Clearview Outfitting Waterfowl Division



Clearview Outfitting prime location in the heart of the central flyway, surrounding the quill lakes region, Wadena wetlands, big and little nut lakes, along with many other major water courses. Lands you directly in the path of literally millions of birds! Canada’s, Greater Canada’s , white front geese, snows, blues, Ross geese and Ducks Galore!!! Majority mallards and pintails!

And last but not least the famous “Rib eye of the Sky” The sand hill cranes.

Depending on the day we may have time for a grouse hunt. And if prearranged possibly a bear hunt if we have tags left from spring.

Our focus, is your success! We will hunt morning and evening (dark geese are a morning only hunt until October 15th ) afternoons we generally focus on ducks.

Here at CVO we strongly believe that the secret to a great bird hunt is a well spotted field!

We spend countless hours and hundreds of litres of fuel monitoring and following birds to make sure you have the most successful hunt possible, every time! Having grown up here and lived here 30 years we have a great working friendship with farmers and landowners in the area.

Our 4 day hunts will have us up at 4 am. With a light breakfast, coffee whatever you desire at that time. Heading out to the field, guides will set up the spread, however if everybody helps out it will get us a little extra shut eye! We will hunt out of layout blinds, we spare no expense when it comes to decoys and hunting accessories to make your time with us as comfortable and successful as possible. 

Our guides are all experienced, accomplished and most of all, love what they are doing! 

You are more than welcome to bring your own calls, more quality sound equals more smoke, more feathers!  


Come experience Saskatchewan!

Waterfowl Hunting done Right!!!



4 Day hunt $2450 



-Beautiful lodge built in 2014 (sleeps 14)                                   Not included: 

-wireless internet                                                                       - airfare

-Satellite TV                                                                              -ammunition

-daily housekeeping                                                                   -licenses 

-hearty home cooked meals                                                       -liquor

-all decoys blinds and hunting accessories

-2 full time spotters 

-bird processing available (additional fees)